Other developmental software options that I wish to explore include "MAMP" and "Node.js":

MAMP, which is an acronym for the Mac operating system, Apache web server software, MySQL database management software and the PHP programming language for the web, consists of open source software for developing a local web server application on a Macintosh computer. MAMP and related support software provides an environment for hands-on database management and server programming via PHP.

PHP (Personal Home Page) code can be interspersed with HTML code to extract database content and generate .html web pages that the server then submits to client browsers for interpretation and display. Thus, PHP enables “sever-side” development, i.e., web pages are created spontaneously by server software. In contrast, “client-side” development involves servers sending only preloaded code pages to the client browsers.

Node.js is a run-time environment for running JavaScript (.js ) files as web applications on a local computer. The Node open source community has developed numerous library modules and several frameworks to facilitate various operations. My interest in Node.js stems from the satisfaction I experience in connection with successful JavaScript programming.