I am Tom (T.F.) Fletcher. I'm retired, following many years as Professor of Veterinary Anatomy at the University of Minnesota. During my career, I experienced the evolution of main-frame, desktop and web-based computing and I developed an active interest in browser-based instructional software (courseware) development.

My self-taught “expertise” involves client side web development, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to produce courseware files designed to be uploaded to a server and accessed via a client browser (web apps). I have found such web development to be an intellectually rewarding. Examples of the courseware I developed can be viewed via the URLs listed below (My External Links).

Now, in retirement, I intend to explore server side programming including PHP program files and database files stored on the server. To start I am exploring the  Joomla! content management system. With Joomla!, web site content is stored in a MySQL data base that can be managed via the web site’s back-end by a trained person who need not know web development specifics, a major efficiency particularly where data management is ongoing and massive.

This tff-online.net website enables me to learn and practice Joomla!. The manufactured content for this site includes information related to web sites and web apps that I have developed, including comments regarding other software ventures I would like to explore, and an introduction to Joomla!

The External Links (below) will take you to web sites that I developed and maintain. You may use the browser's back button to return to this tff-online.net.